A Review on the newest cafe in Iligan City, Cafe Ambiente


Located at the heart of the famous food strip in Iligan City, Cafe Ambiente is the newest addition to the growing family of coffee shops around the city. The coffee shop offers a wide array of food and drink choices, from hot coffee to pastas, green tea drinks to rice meals. A place that is designed for those people with chic taste.

I had the chance to visit their beautiful coffee shop earlier and tried one of their acclaimed best-selling iced drinks, the Iced Coffee Vanilla.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Iced Coffee Vanilla, 158php

The drink was okay, but I believe it could have been better. I have tasted a lot of coffee drinks in my life and I am sure that this is not the best one I’ve tasted yet. I was also a bit disappointed with the packaging because it doesn’t promise the same chic look compared to the interior design of the place.

What’s to like about the place:

  • The place is good for group discussions/meetings, chats with your friends, and get-togethers with the people you miss.
  • The staff in Cafe Ambiente is nice and accommodating. Kudos to that!
  • The coffee shop was not the noisy, even though there were a lot of people during my stay.
  • I N S T A G R A M M A B L E.
  • The location of the coffee shop is accessible.
  • Their serving of French Fries is good for 2 to 3 people. *yay*

What’s not to like:

  • The packaging of their iced drinks! Not really a fan of plastic cups with horizontal lines. It looks *forgive me for the lack of a better term* cheap.
  • The prices are not student-friendly (this is based on and compared to the coffee shops in Iligan City and the budget of the students living in the area) For reference, here are pictures of their menu:

I can’t say much about the food *yet* because I didn’t order their bestsellers.

Overall, the experience was still nice because the pros outweighed the cons. But for a coffee addict like me, I wouldn’t order another Iced Coffee Vanilla drink of theirs. I would order something else for a change, maybe it’ll change my perspective about things. Nevertheless, try to visit Cafe Ambiente located at Ubaldo Laya Ave, Iligan City, across The Strip and comment down below your experience! I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions about the place!



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